Cell Phone Policy and Procedure

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Tips to control cell phone use in the office…..

1. Cell phones shall be turned off or set to silent or vibrate mode during meetings and in other locations where incoming calls may disrupt normal workflow.

2. Employees may carry and use personal cell phones while at work on a sporadic basis. If employee use of a personal cell phone causes disruptions or loss in productivity, the employee may become subject to disciplinary action. Department managers reserve the right to request that the employee provide cell phone bills and usage reports for calls made during the working hours.

3. Personal cell phones shall be used for company business on a sporadic basis. Employees may be reimbursed for the incoming calls to their personal cell phones. Employees shall not be reimbursed for outgoing calls made from their cell phones unless they are approved by the company.

4. Under no circumstances may cell phones be used while driving on company business.

5. The use of cameras on cell phones during work time is prohibited to protect the privacy of the employer as well as of fellow employees.